A Lot Of Nice Coffee


So last week I had issues with the platform but Nouw informed its’ users that it’s going to be alright for at least a couple of days so I’m making a move for the blogging. As unemployed I have quite few things going on in my life and last week I basically just stayed home applying for jobs Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday afternoon I went on a coffe date at Espresso House with my boyfriend who had just gotten home from Stockholm and then up on one of the roofs in town for a romatic view before going home. On Friday I had a basic day followed by a movie night with my parents, boyfriend, my sister and her boyfriend + pizza. On Saturday I went to the club to watch Björn Rosenström with my friends.

It was the first time I had a drink in 95 days but I was from the drunkest of my friends. As trouble has come for me I’ve started to miss the person that used to be before our issues. It’s not that I like her more, because I don’t. I just miss feeling like I have my whole life in front of me like I used to feel way back when I partied harder. So I thought, which in retrospective is sutpid, that if I drank and partied like I used to maybe I could catch a glimpse of what my life used to be like and what I used to feel like. But we can’t move backwards. Wishing your parties were as good in your twenties as they were in your teens is impossible. A lie we tell ourselves to feel better. In all seriousness, the night kind of sucked and I’m not doing it again for a very long time.

Still, I was fabulous.

So this week barely started until Wednesday when my boyfriend and I went to a meeting in Gothenburg. It’s been a lot of meetings lately, and although they’re informative, they’re very depressing and hard to be at. So after the meeting we went to one of our favourite chinese buffee restaurants by Nordstan called Sun Wall. The food delicios and the prices are low. The we bought some ”semlor” and candy and went home by train.

The next day I went to a recruit meeting hosted by enRival in Tibro. I stayed the for several hours to stand in line for a 15 minute conversation shared by 2 handlers from staffing agencies. It wasn’t a total waste of time but it could definitely have been more effective. Then I went to the supermarket to buy some mushrooms and cream. When I got home at 16:30 I had lunch. I wanted to post the recipe here but as turned out it was quiet bad following the recipe I did and today I made an even better pasta with way fewer ingredients.

Today I overslept when my alarm did not ring and I missed the meeting I was supposed to be a by 30 minutes. I drove quickly in hope of there beeing a cancellation but there wasn’t so I drove to the farmacy and Espresso House to get a latte and some necessities. Then I went home to sleep because I had such a dreading headache, had some lunch in the sofa while watching Rouge Assasin with my boyfriend and a while ago my boyfried left and now I’m watching my favourite binge at the time - Desperate Housewives.



So true, I can relate to that. It's kind of like "the law of diminishing returns", when the negatives of drinking start to exceed the positives, then it's definitely time to quit. While I had some great fun when I drank, honestly I regret the addiction that happened and the strong hold it had on me, I feel very grateful and blessed to have survived and sobered up because I easily could have perished. Stay strong and sober!

I think my negatives weren't really that big of a reason to quit drinking because I never really had a problem. The biggest negative for me was just that it wasn't fun anymore. It could have been if we were young without baggage like it used to be for me, but nowadays there's always drama and I just want to dance with my girlfriends and basically have a mediocre, fun night. But I never get that because alcohol loves drama. I think drinking is not totally out of the picture for me, I just need to find people that wants to party the way I want to - so that everyone has the same goal for the night. But I love your story, finding peace in your own body is so empowering and if sobriety makes you feel good, the you go (guuurl)!!!!