IKEA & The Worst Day of 2020 So Far

I have been trying to write this post for days, but how does one really describe one of the worst days of my life? Of 2020 I think this day will take the top three. Of my entire life, probably top 5 or 6.

When blogging, there's always the issue of how much you should share. I'm sharer, I don't really see a point of living two different lives, of course we can be professionals and then go home and fart in front of our families and friends but who I am, "the sharer", will always be who I am. Or so I would have thought. Before I met him, life was always about me. Now it's about another person too and I'm not sure I can share. This experience is something I would share because I know there are people out in the world that really needs this information. That needs to know, first of all, what the world is like, but second of all what kind of a country Sweden is. And it's odd laws. However for now, as the wound is still fresh I am only sharing bits, in hope to share more in the future.

On Tuesday last week my boyfriend, my parents and I went to a meeting in Gothenburg. A meeting where we were supposed to get help, but instead we got shot down over and over again until there was no hope left.

One hour later, we went out of there, hopeless and hungry. Hopeless for there were no hope. Nothing good about Sweden and nothing human about its' laws. Hungry for help but also for food, for we had traveled for hours without anything to eat.

We went to Ikea. Mostly for lunch but when my boyfriend said he had never been there we took a detour and ended up buying a lot of things.

We all had the fish with soda and a side of coffee. Later in the evening after shopping we had ice cream. And also, I looked very cute (and so did he).



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