My Weekend in Nature and Rough News


I hope everyone's had a good weekend. Mine's been very chill but I really needed to prepare for what is coming. On Friday I went to go shopping with my boyfriend, make a really healthy lunch, go to the park, workout and then just hang out at home.

On Saturday me, my boyfriend and my parents went for a walk in nature as well as for a swim in the lake. Then we went to the public pool for some exercise and afterwards we had a big family dinner with thai food from Tai-Pak and game night with snacks.

On Sunday I had a delicious breakfast and when my boyfriend came we went for a walk and watched a movie while eating the chocolate he had bought me.

Lately I've been enjoying the nature a lot and when we woke up on Monday (which is a Sunday on the 6th 2020) we went for a really long walk. When we got back I started preparing lunch with my father and my boyfriend went home. We were halfway through dinner when I got some terrible news and I rushed to my boyfriend's side to help in any way that I could. 5 hours later we went to Max for a treat and then we went back for a couple of more hours to deal with everything before going to my place at midnight.

The rest of our days up until now has been either about getting more bad news or dealing with the bad news. It hasn't been great, but we're dealing with it. Hope you're weekend has been alright.