Shopaholic, No More?

I’ve been a shopaholic for as long as I can remember. There even was a time in my life where I had so little money in my pocket from shopping that I couldn’t afford clothes or makeup so I bought spinach and an apple.

As time has flown by I’ve realized how much sh*t I actually own. A little over a week ago my boyfriend moved in because of personal reasons. Since I am unemployed I still live with my parents and even though an entire wall is covered in wardrobes I could barely fit the few items my boyfriend had brought. I wanted to give him his own closet space so I decided to move some things around. Now, only because I love fashion and have a lot of alternatives it does not mean there are not things in my wardrobe that are not being used; either for sentimental reasons, not fitting properly or just not finding the right occasion – we all have them.

In the light of harsh reality, I might love a majority of the items in my closet, but I highly doubt that I use more than 40% of the items in it. I’ve wanted to get rid of my clothes for a while. Not because I really want to get rid of them, I mean, I love them. All of them. However, lately I’ve become really interested in organizing and structuring. It has come so far that I’ve actually helped people with their wardrobes and kitchen cabinets. But when it comes to me, myself and I, I don’t seem to be as determined.

I view clothes as old people view photos and photo albums. They all hold a sentimental value that I have a very hard time letting go of, wheter they fit or not. I also have a very hard time determining what my style is. Usually, without even consciously thinking to go for a trend I buy something that will become super trendy within the next couple of months. When I was younger I was devoted to finding out who was spying on me because clearly someone was copying my style to make it trendy (because I hated when things I liked became trendy, like everyone else at the time). And even though I rarely watch fashion shows, magazines or icons I often go for the trends. I suppose the millions of times I walked in popular, mass-producing boutiques I know their patterns so well that even before they’re really popular or even showed I unconsciously know what’s about to come, and therefore wants it. Because of this weird sixth sense that I have I don’t really know what my style is. One day it goes from Kylie Jenner’s rapper, street style, next day I’m a potato and the day after that I go for a pink, twirly-girly look.

For 2020 I’d prefer if my style was effortless. I want black, white, grey, neutrals, good material-jeans, strong quality T-shirts, no prints, items for every occaasion yet simple and elegant. However I’m scared to clean out my closet to make it look like this. First of all, I want to make money. Of course I will donate but I love these items and they have cost me a lot. Maybe it’s selfish, but I want money for it. Secondly, clothes and fashion has always been who I am. I am so scared to go from the only thing that’s been with me my entire life into something completely different. Clothes was a part of me from Day 1, I’ve changed so much and I’m so glad and proud of myself but I can’t help but ask, will I still be me? (Rest assured I will definitely keep my make-up.)

Be on the look-out! I'm selling the yellow faux fur coat above. Follow me everywhere to stay updated!

Also selling the white crop-top and the very amazing rave-jacket.

This awesome polo and the groovest cargo pants I've ever own are now looking for new owners.

Just FIY, not getting rid of my make-up anytime soon.

Getting rid of a bunch of stuff asap, one of them beeing the red beauty. Will post everything here later with contact over Instagram.



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